Sunday, January 13, 2013

Teens Prefer Text Messages for Health Tips

The world has set new trends for teenagers in every age and era, so why this age be any different. Mobile phones are an essential part of life these days and teenagers spending most of their time glued to the technological device is a common sight to see. What might surprise many is the fact that every teenager receives about an average of 3,417 text messages every month or as estimated 114 messages in a day as per a US survey.

When the technological trends are clubbed with health notes to prevent and control diseases, a grand blend is procured. Recently an idea to start promoting health tidbits to teens using text messages was coupled with a report prepared by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention which advices students on the consumption of fruits and vegetables. It informs students to consume fruits and vegetables on an average of 1.2 times per day as opposed to the prior recommended of five times. These messages when sent through SMS have created a major impact on the students who are highly inclined to message as reported by TOI.

The Journal of Nutrition Education and Behaviour reports, a study done by the University of Arizona that in order to motivate and inform teens about the reality of today's adolescent lifestyles via text messages is ideal to reach out to the obsolete teenagers.