Monday, March 25, 2013

Mumbai doctors dole out tips on healthy living

More than 300 women turned up at Mulund and Vashi branches of Fortis Hospital over the weekend to attend the interactive sessions and take tips on ways to stay fit and healthy.

The sessions were followed by free health camps, organized by TOI and facilitated by the hospital.

Speaking to the gathering on Saturday, Dr Kaushal Malhan, orthopaedic surgeon with the hospital, told the participants that osteoporosis can also be fatal. "Nearly 20% patients can die because of osteoporosis," he said. "30% patients are left disabled for life, 40% cannot walk as they used to and 80% lose at least one aspect of their daily independence," he added.

The women present for the session were explained the importance of measuring bone density too. "Up to the age of 30 years, the bone mass can be increased with the help of well-balanced diet, calcium and Vitamin D. However, the foundation of the bone is more or less made by this time. Which means that what happens to the bones in the later years depends on this foundation," said Dr Malhan.

This was followed by a talk about healthy heart. Dr Hasmukh Rawat, cardiologist with Fortis Hospital, provided women some simple tips. "Oil is the most important part that is in the hands of women. Using olive oil is a very good option. Families should keep in mind the poly unsaturated fats (PUFA) while eating. Apart from that brisk walking at least three times a week for 30-45 minutes, keep an active lifestyle, which will help avoid heart problems," he said.

Gynaecologist Dr Bindhu KS made similar suggestions during her talk at Fortis Hospital in Vashi on Sunday. She explained how eating right and physical exercise still remain the golden rules even though a lot has changed about Indian families. "Earlier, pregnancies were by chance but now they are mostly by choice. What women need to know is that they should remain fit even before conception and not only during pregnancy for long-term health benefits," she said.

Women, mostly between the age group of 30 to 55 years, were also given a low down on ways to prevent breast and cervical cancer and how self-awareness is the key by gynaecologist Dr Vandana Gawdi.

Gawdi also said that women should opt for the vaccine that offers protection against cervical cancer. "The best age to take the vaccine is between 9 and 11 years. But women can take it till the age of 45," she said, adding that India still loses 200 women to cervical cancer every day.

The women turned up for consultations with physiotherapists and cardiologists, checking blood pressure, BMI, ECG and bone densitometry.

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